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The Consortium IS recruiting! Please read the recruitment info in the info section below.
Note: This site is under active development. Changes will be made.

  The Consortium concerns itself with the state of the economy, the slackness of the guard, the swelling number of pests, the growing epidemic of citizens babbling incomprehensible gibberish whose parents seem to have taken leave of their senses when it came time to name their poor children, and anything else that citizens should feel strongly about. Our aim is not for the benefit of our individual members but for the community at large. Our voices can be heard. They should be heard. They WILL be heard!

  The CCC is a light to medium RP-oriented guild with an emphasis on quality and maturity. While we don't consider ourselves to be exclusively RP, those who aren't RP tolerant should look elsewhere.

  Whether you prefer to remain IC at all times or to slip in and out as your mood dictates, we aim to provide a friendly, close-knit community where guildies are encouraged to become familiar with each other, if not friends, who share similar interests, namely, quality in RP as well as standard play. We are a minuscule guild at this time but that only leaves plenty of room to grow and plenty of space to establish yourself. The guild will grow as its members dictate.
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